Pumpkin Patch

This last weekend we went with some families from our church to the Gilcrease Orchards. I am still not sure how this place grows fruit, veggies, and pumpkins in this heat! We had lots of fun picking out pumpkins and pears but it sure was HOT!! It's just not right to be doing fall things and have it be 100 degrees! We were dying of a heat stroke, and it was a little pricey but it's become a yearly tradition for us!

Sienna and Sadie thought they were so funny carrying this pumpkin that weighed almost as much as them.
Sienna picked out her tennis shoes and tutu dress. I have decided the battle is not worth fighting any longer!

picking pears
Waiting in the forever long line to buy the pumpkins. Typical day at our house: Sienna happy to bug her brother to death and him screaming. One day soon the tables will turn!
And this is how I found my little man tonight on his bed. He would not take a nap today and exhausted himself. I sure love these two little kids of mine, even if they drive me absolutely crazy. I'm grateful there mine.
And tonight I was lazy and didn't feel like making a dessert so I threw a Marie Calendars dutch apple pie in the oven for us and OH.MY.GOSH. I don't think I'll ever bake again. I'll just pop one of those in the oven, put a little whip cream on top and pure heaven!! (plus the kids were in bed due to no naps and playing all day which made it even better!!)
Until next time...