Big Changes for this 5 Year Old

This little sassy pants melts my heart, and drives me to insanity everyday. I wonder everyday if she is 5 or 15. She has attitude, she loves music (Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez to name a few...), Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel and singing and dancing. I came into my room today to her blasting Selena Gomez on the Ipod and dancing and singing in front of the mirror herself.

On Mother's Day they made books in school for us.

Sienna's reasons she loves me:

Because I let her wear her bikini (heaven help me, she has one and LOVES it)

Because I taught her to make her bed

and Because I let her wear different earrings everyday to match her outfit.

I just had to laugh!

Oh but I love her. She really is just me reincarnated. We have the same exact personality but she is much smarter than I ever was. That's for sure. Always asking the deepest questions and I don't even know the answers.

She is finishing up her second year of school before she heads off the kindergarten. (*tear*) 1/2 tears of happiness, 1/2 of sadness.) Her dance recital is coming up that she is VERY excited for with 2 of her favorite friends. I can't wait for her to start this next stage in her life, but it still breaks my heart that she is growing up!