Willow Flat - June 2011

This is why it is called Willow Flat. The river has all this little tributaries running through the flat meadow part. Mary took this picture, and I love it.
We always do a couple little hikes around the area. Here are Peyton and Lucy down by the river. All the cute little girl cousins walking around the camp ground.
There were several campgrounds around us that were flooded by the overflowing river...luckily not ours. As water started pouring down the road, Kacy worked very long and hard on a "levy" to keep water away from the motor home.
Kris and Katie brought the game "father's day" and the kids and adults had a lot of fun
playing it.
And then it began...a fast but furious hail storm on our second evening. It was little crazy. Most of us ran into the motor home, but Kacy got in our car. Here he is in the craziness.

Here is some of the hail...pretty big I'd say.
Thank goodness for the motor home, although with all of us in it during the storm, it was a cramped.
Here is what it looked like around our tent. And because it was such big hail, and our tent is just a Wal-Mart special, our tent leaked in some places and got a couple sleeping bags wet....so we slept in the car!Here is Kelsey in our car bed. Lucy slept in the motor home, but Brynn, Kacy, Kera, Kelsey slept in the back of the car (with the seats out) and Mary slept in the passenger seat with it reclined. What a night!
Here is Kelsey, a vision of the dirtiness and tiredness that we all felt, but it was another fun year at Willow Flat!!!