Austin Bonding Time

Last Thursday Sienna decided last minute she wanted to go to Utah with my parents. My dad was flying back Tuesday and said he would fly her back with him so I let her go! Well it has been a nice break but I miss her SO bad! On the other hand I have gotten SO much done!! I didn't realize how much work Sienna is!! I have reorganized pretty much every closet in our house, cleaned the entire house, and organized the garage (that one Aaron helped with!!) We DIed a bunch of stuff and I just feel relieved to have some space! Having the 4 of us in this little house has packed us pretty full to say the least! Aaron got us a storage unit down the street and that cleared ALOT of space! Today was the first day I actually ventured out to stores! Katie gave me a much needed hair cut (thanks Kate!) and then I went to Nordstrom to get me some MAC makeup for my birthday a couple weeks late! I love just walking around the Fashion Show (even if I didnt buy much and Austin is such a easy shopper!!) I loved just having one on one time with Austin and not yelling at Sienna every 5 minutes to leave her brother ALONE! (I think Austin enjoyed it too!) I got to give him lots of attention without Sienna getting a little on the jealous side! On the other hand I am glad to go pick up my little crazy tomorrow at the airport! She had so much fun up there every day seeing Jared, Jaylene, Victoria, etc.. etc...(all our fam up there!). My mom said today she woke up and said "Who is coming to visit me today, grandma?" ha! I am so lucky to have parents who love my kids so much!! Thanks mom and dad for the break, but I am ready to have her back even if you aren't ready yet!!
Oh yea- the top pic is of Austin on his horse my mom and dad got him for Christmas! He LOVES it! He screams when you take him off! He has no hope of not being a cowboy- all the boys on both sides are, so I better just give up now!