My Little Sienna turned 3!

Sienna at 1 day old
Sienna on her first birthday!

2 years old

3rd birthday- February 14, 2009
Feel free to read on but it really is boring and just for my memory sake!

Sienna brings more joy, laughter, insanity and love into my life then I ever thought possible! She truly is one of my best friends! She is my pal and loves to know everything that is going on just like her mom! I have been told so many times I have recreated myself and it is so true! I wanted to write some things about Sienna as a 3 year old so I don't forget!
*Sienna LOVES anything Princess! She calls Cinderella and Snow White all the time on her phone and asks how they are doing. She loves to dress up like them and wear or buy anything with princesses on them.
*she also loves Dora
*loves her brother (a little to much sometimes!) She is constantly hugging (smashing) and kissing him. She also gets a bit jealous and hurts him a little too much. BUT she always tells me when she hits him, bites him etc.. I am not looking forward to the day when I ask her what she did and she lies!
*loves any and all of our family. Her cousins are her favorite! Because she has no cousins on my sides she LOVES my cousins, aunts, uncles and family and they adore her!
*my mom and dad are truly Sienna's best friends and they spoil her rotten
*She loves to go to Beaver to granny and papa's and to the cabin. She asks me all the time when we are going again.
*she thinks everyone has multiple houses because most of her family does. (Are you at the Utah house? Are you at the Vegas house? Are you at the cabin?) I am afraid she lives in a very spoiled bubble because both her grandparents have more than one house we go to!
* she loves horses and gets to see them all the time because my dad, Bruce and Jared have them! She plays with her horse dolls and they are always named Stetson or Dancer like Papa's horses.
*such a social butterfly! she LOVES going to the park but only if her friends are there and asks me which ones will be there each time.
*she knows all my friends names and their kids and talks about them like she is a teenager
*she really talks and talks (like me!) and can say anything, gives me attitude and drive me crazy! I have to watch EVERYTHING i say or it may come out of her mouth
*likes to climb out of the cart at the store and run to the shoes telling me how cute they are when I find her!
*loves Target and Costco and knows what they are when we pull up
*loves loves loves her baby dolls which all have certain names and you better know them! she treats them like real babies and it is too cute
*her and Aaron argue like she is a teenager- i have to bite my lip half the time
*loves to be at grandma and grandpas house with just her and no Austin so she gets all the attention! (thats where she is now!)
OK so I could go on and on but this just sums Sienna up in a nutshell. That girl has more personality and is so much busier than kids her age, but we love her for it! She keeps me on my toes at all times! We went to Disneyland for her birthday and it truly was a dream come true for her! She got to meet all the princesses and get them to sign her book! She still talks about it constantly! We love you Sienna and don't know how we ever lived without you in our life!