September 2009

I have just not felt like blogging lately! We have been either really busy one week, or super lazy the next. I just feel like I need to update for my own sake. We went to Beaver/ Springville on Labor Day as a family. Austin & Sienna both rode a horse for the first time (we've tried a lot of times with Sienna, but she was always too scared until she saw Austin do it!) We have just been busy with school, playing, and life in general! I forgot to mention Aaron had shoulder surgery at the end of August and it has been quite the recovery, but he is hanging in there! I feel like I am a single mom most days, plus a husband with only one arm working- yea it's so much fun! ha! Aaron started school at the beginning of September. He goes from work in the morning to school until about 10 at night on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday are filled with work,physical therapy, elders quorum and whatever homework or computer work he can do! Needless to say- these next 2 years better pay off, because I honestly feel insanity coming on daily being stuck at home by myself ALL day long every day with the kids. When he was in school before, at least he was able to come home for dinner!! "I will survive".. is what I have to tell myself everyday about 6 pm when I'm ready to kill someone!=) So that's what we are up to- just hanging out and enjoying the little time we get to spend together. Last weekend I went up to Utah to help my parents move into their new house (not that I was much help!) and go to Jaylene's baby shower. I get a new niece here in the next couple weeks and I am SO excited!! I LOVE new babies but I am not anywhere near ready for another one anytime soon! Maybe when Sienna is 11 and can babysit all the time?? haha! My cousins Michelle and I have been getting up at 6 am for a whole month now (yay us!!) to attempt to start jogging. Any tips on advancing would be greatly appreciated! Our husbands didn't think we would last but we have proved them wrong so far!! Anyways that is our life for now! I promise to be better at updating because this is MY family history and what will my future generations think if I don't stay up to date! I wish they had blogs when my grandparents grew up! As for now- I am going to go lay down while Austin sleeps- I am EXHAUSTED! I am NOT a morning person and especially to get up and run..haha! I had to put some pics from the month of September for my record! Happy fall to everyone! It's so nice to FINALLY have a LITTLE chill in the air!

Jaylene's baby shower- we are so excited to add another GIRL to our family and who looks that good when they are at the end of their pregnancy???

Pics are from my friend May and possibly my fav pics of the kids in awhile...

Sienna's first horse ride- both papas were so proud!!

Austin doesn't look like he was enjoying himself here but he really's in his blood!

Late night Sonic runs with grandma and grandpa Callister

We took Sienna to see the Provo Temple and roll down the hill and it was HOT! (hence our red faces!)

Just an attempt of them together before church!