It's Always an Adventure Around Here!!

We have had quite the excitement around our house- let me tell you. It all happened last weekend. (As in the weekend before this one!) Exhibit A- Sienna's beautiful curly hair that we could FINALLY put in a ponytail with no clip to hold her bangs back.

Onto the next night.. Sienna is "brushing her hair all by herself" in the bathroom while I am getting ready for bed so we can all cuddle and watch a Christmas movie. I go into the bathroom and find Sienna chopping away at her hair. Needless to say, I freaked out and then she realized what happened and was freaking out herself....

LUCKILY Katie is one of my very best friends AND a hair dresser so who do you think I called on a Saturday night? We went right over and Sienna got it all cut off so it can slowly even out. She cut pretty much ear to ear in all different lengths.

So we are getting used to it. We have to actually blowdry & flat iron it for it to look decent. I have never had to spend more than 3 minutes on her hair with all her curls that she chopped off!

These pictures were taken before our Ward Christmas Party. I had to take the kids myself because Aaron was at school, but it was still fun! Austin wouldn't get near Santa! He loves to look at "Claus" from afar but not up close!

And last but not least. Sienna WILL NOT sit at her little table, OR at our big table to eat her dinner. She sits, nibbles, and then gets up to go do whatever it is Sienna needs to do. SO Aaron kept warning her to stay sitting or she was getting taped to the chair. She just kept getting up to go play or do whatever so this is what happened...

Yes- Aaron duct taped her to the chair. We will see if ir fixes the problem. Sienna is just one of those kids who tests you to NO END and we will probably be reliving this again in a few days!!
It's a good thing I love these two because it is always an adventure around here!!