Thanksgiving 2009

I know I am a slacker but things have been so crazy and I just haven't felt like blogging. So for my own journal sakes this is what our Thanksgiving looked like..

Oh yes it was a fun one! Austin had the flu Wednesday, Sienna woke up with it Thursday morning. Threw up ALL day every 30 minutes. I got it Thursday mid- morning and did not move off the couch. THANK HEAVENS Aaron didn't have it yet because he took care of all of us. He ate his Mimi's Cafe turkey dinner to go all by himself because none of us could even look at it. ha! Aaron got it Saturday but not nearly as bad as us. Needless to say, we didn't leave our house all weekend and just layed on the couch dying. =) We are all fully recovered now and I did our own family Thanksgiving Sunday night with stuff I made, and the leftovers my grandma Albright brought over for us. (bless her heart!) We made sure to do lots of fun stuff this last week as a family like gingerbread houses, decorate, and head to the Bellagio flower gardens (which by the way, were not done being decorated for Christmas!). We still had fun and hope for a better time next year! Aaron starts school again this week so here we go again with not seeing him much!!

The things I am grateful for:
my kids
all our extended family
our mom & dads
our friends, especially my girls
girls night out
a roof over my head
aaron's job
yummy food
diet coke
naptime for my kids
hot chocolate
and lots more but those are my top ones for now!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!