California Trip...Part 3

Wednesday Corey and Jessica left, and then Katie and Boo left on Thursday morning. So it just left our family and the Mayeski family to hit Sea World on Thursday. It was only about an 1 1/2 hour drive from our condo. Sea World didn't have as much to do because it was off season (all of their rides are water rides), but we had a great time seeing the animal shows...which is the whole reason we wanted to go. The kids loved all the shows, and definetly experienced things they never had before.
The girls with "Shamu"
The dog trick show was very cute and a lot of fun. It almost made me consider getting a dog. Key words: almost and consider.

They thought the Sea Lion show was great...and it was. It is amazing what they can get them to do!

Of course the Shamu show was incredible, and the girls loved it. Here is our question though, ...who ever thought to do this!?! I know I'll just get in with this Killer Whale and train him to let me ride him...crazy stuff, but fun to watch!