Disneyland Trip...Part 2

Monday morning started our 3 day Disneyland/California Adventure adventure. It may sound like a lot, but it was perfect. We did everything we wanted to in both parks, and then some! Monday was all day at California Adventure, Tuesday all day at Disneyland, Wednesday hitting everyones favorites one (sometimes two) more times!
Mary's favorite rides were: Tower of Terror, California Scream'in, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Grizzly Rapids (even though she got soaked from head to toe)!
Brynn's favorite rides were: Soar'in Over California and Space Mountain. I talked her into Tower of Terror, and she did NOT like that one. She nicknamed it "meanie butt tower of terror!"
Lucy's favorite rides were: the Carousel, the Catepillar, and the Tea Cups. (pretty much Lucy was not worth the money)
Kelsey's favorite ride was by far the Nemo Submarine!
Kacy and I also had a great time going on the rides, big and small. We both agreed that the California Scream'in roller coaster was the most fun!
It was a ton of fun to go with the whole family. The kids loved being with their cousins and aunts and uncles, and having so many adults made it easy to trade and go on some fun rides ourselves.
We all had a great time both at Disneyland and with each other!
Almost all the of the cousins wearing their cute ears! These were fun souvenirs.
Brynn (7), Lucy (4), Peyton (4-amlost 5), Marlee (7), Mary (9), and Blake (2- almost 3)
The whole family at California Adventure.

Brynn knocking on the Mad Hatter's door.
Lucy with Princess Tiana
The kids loved both of the parades. This is Lucy dancing her pants of with the "purple guy" during the Disneyland parade! She really put on quite a show.
Silly Mary hanging from Dumbo!
Smiley Kelsey on the KC Jr. trainride!
Lucy's favorite ride...the Carousel!
Uncle Dave was a little nervous, but Kelsey and Josh loved this ride!
All the girl cousins with Tinker Bell!
The Tea Cups were a big hit with everyone...even Lucy after we finally talked her into going on them.
You can see Corey and Jessica and Colin in the background of this picture...somehow I didn't get hardly any pictures with them.
The girls in front of the Disneyland Castle
Uncle Boo and Blake on the bumper bugs!
Kelsey loved Dumbo, but we could never talk Lucy into it!
Here the girls are on the catepillar ride...this was one of Lucy's favorites...it only went 2 miles per hour and stayed on the ground!
Another exciting event that occured on our trip was Brynn loosing two teeth! We were in line for soaring over california, our first ride Monday morning, and Uncle Boo pulled out one of her teeth! Then about two minutes later, before we were even on the ride, Brynn pulled out another one! It was so cool! The tooth fairy gave her an extra bonus because loosing two teeth at Disneyland is pretty amazing!