Dance Recital 2010

Saturday, May 8th was the annual Dance Recital! Brynn and Lucy have been doing dance for a few years now. They love it, and are pretty darn cute at it if I do say so myself! They each do a tap dance and a jazz dance. I was so proud of both of them, they did their dances very well and had big smiles on their faces the whole time. Lucy blew some great kisses as she was exiting the stage...they were part of my mother's day present! The girls were also lucky to have their aunts, uncles, and cousins come watch them. It was a fun night! Aunt Katie was so nice and did both of their hair before the recital, they both looked so cute and loved their hair.
Little Lucy!


They look like they love each rare!
Full view of the costumes...they were pretty cute this year. Brynn's tutu was exchanged for fringe for her "car wash" dance.