Spring Break in St. George...well actually Hurricane!

It has become a little tradition that during Spring Break we go down to Hurricane and visit Corey, Jessica, and Colin. We love hanging out with them and enjoying the nice weather and fun things to do down there.

On Thursday we just kind of hung out...Kacy, Corey, and Jessica all had to work. Friday we went to St. George and hiked Red Rock, went to Old Navy went furniture shopping with Jessica, ate dinner and of course got our Neilsen's frozen custard fix! On Saturday we went to Zion National Park. It was the first time we've done that, and it was a lot of fun. Sunday was Church, yummy food, and the drive home.
Our annual hike at "red rock"...the kids love climbing all over this cool place. Of course little Colin was fearless!
Look we have a BOY...just kidding Colin just didn't want to be left out of the picture.

Here we are at Zion. We hiked to the river...just behind us is where the Narrows ends.

Brynn is so cute and so funny! She set up this cute picture of her contemplating the beauty of the river.

Lucy on the hike. Yes, she insists on wearing a dress even when we are going hiking!

And Lucy also insisted that Kelsey wear a dress as well...I know what mother accomodates her four year old like this?! This is Kelsey on the trail, but she spent most of the hike in the backpack.
Everyone had so much fun playing in the river. Here they are finding rocks to throw in the river.

Here is a cute family picture of Corey and Jessica and Colin just off the trail. Baby Boy number two will join them in July!

Here is Mary pursing her new love of rollerskating on Corey and Jessica's street.

Kelsey and Colin are being so cute here on his little powerwheel, but don't let this fool you these two were at it our whole visit! It was actually pretty funny!