For all you computer enthusiasts

First, I need to say this is not Jenn posting this, but rather the computer geek who lives in the house. I just built the computer you see in the picture for a client, and the specs are:

- Intel i7 975 Extreme Edition CPU
- ASUS Motherboard P6T Deluxe V2
- 6GB DDR3 Corsair Memory
- EVGA Nvidia GeForce 9800GT Graphics Card
- 1TB Hard Drive
- ATX full tower case (moves a lot of air)
- Windows 7 Ultimate Edition

This machine benchmarks extremely high, and will be used mainly for video editing and production with additional graphics cards to follow. We didn't go with a liquid cooling solution due to the case moving sufficient air for the intended use and the temperature remaining low due to special application procedures.

If you or anyone you know are interested in an estimate for a custom computer to fit your specific needs, contact us.

and the pictures follow.....

Before the power is turned on.

The finished product

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