We had a wonderful Easter this year with all the usual traditions...dying Easter Eggs, finding baskets on Easter Morning (this year the EB had ryhming clues!), and an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner with the Kilpatrick Family. This year we enjoyed having General Confrence over Easter. We also had our first indoor Easter Egg Hunt due to all the SNOW we woke up to!
The girls holding up their favorite eggs!
Lucy's favorite Egg
Everyone worked so hard on their eggs. Kelsey sadly (okay not too sad) was asleep, so it made for very peaceful eye dying time...we didn't spill any of the cups of dye this year!

Brynn got very into it, you should have seen her hand by the end!

Kacy gets very into dying eggs, I guess it is an artisic outlet for him. Here are his masterpieces!

All the pretty eggs!

Documenting our snowy Easter morning!

Brynn and her basket

Lucy was so excited she got Princess and the Frog

What a beautiful Easter morning!

Kelsey finding her purple eggs, and saying "cheese" for the camera.

Lucy, looking for Eggs in her bedroom.

All the cousins after the Easter Egg Hunt!