I think we might have our boy!

Kelsey is a very energentic little toddler, and there are 3 reasons I think she might be our boy...
1. The minute Kelsey laid eyes on this outfit at Trey's birthday party, she fell in love. She was screaming "ruff ruff" all night. Cousin Trey was kind enough to let her have it, and she LOVES to wear it.
2. She really likes to play with cars, trucks, etc. When we visited cousin Colin she loved his matchbox cars (and even took a couple home with her). This is a tractor that Rowen left at our house much to Kelsey's delight.

3. When Kelsey saw these underwear (they are cousin Blake's) she went crazy. She asked me to put them on her, and was very happy to model them for me. When I finally took them off her, she threw QUITE the fit.
So there, nobody needs to feel bad for us that we haven't had a boy...we are getting a taste of it...and we love it. Kelsey cracks us up regularly!