Lake Powell

We were so lucky to go on a trip to Lake Powell over Memorial Day weekend. We had perfect weather and even though the lake was a little cold we had TONS of fun! We were surrounded by beautiful scenery, wonderful people, and over course, lots of good food. A HUGE thank you to Mellissa and Deb for their generousity in providing this fun trip! Here are a bunch of pictures of the great time we had! A beautiful sunset
The boat full of people and someone surfing behind it.
Mary on the fun water trampoline!
The awesome boat we got to stay on. Even though there were 44 of us, it didn't even feel that crowded...I'm being serious!
Kelsey loved pretending to drive the house boat.
Mary got to wakeboard for the second time in her life. She went a couple times and did so good. She loved it!

Our little truck driver Lucy enjoying herself on the boat!

Bubs did not like the lifejacket, but did like the boat!

Everyone having so much fun on the boat.

Isn't Cess so cute!?!
Lucy made a new friend Kylie on our trip. They played so cute together. Here was their favorite game...put sand all over our bodies
and then wash it off! This is the most Lucy got in the water. Swimming isn't her thing yet.

The villan and his two victims...just kidding, but on this occasion Nate pushed Kathryn in the water and in her instict to try and not fall in she grabbed on to Mary and pulled her in too. Mary got a little freaked out, but everyone was fine and even Mary was laughing a few minutes later.
Mary was so brave and jumped off the top of the house boat! Mom did too, but luckily we didn't get a picture of that.
On the last day, Kacy finally got in the water (it was quite cold). Here he is swimming with Mary and Brynn.