Camping at Willow Flat

We pretty much only go camping once a year, but we love it! We go to the Kilpatrick family's nostalgic spot at Willow Flat campground near the family farm in Franklin, ID. It really is a beautiful, beautiful place. We have a lot of fun together, and normally have some sort of disaster to remember the year by. This year is the year of Blake falling in the river. It was a very innocent accident and luckily Katie was there in literally two seconds to save him. Other than that we had a pretty uneventful, fun time hiking, fishing, relaxing, and eating!
Cousins on a beautiful hike!
The whole fam at the mouth of Cub RiverMarlee, Papa, and Brynn resting on the hikeKelsey actually started to like the back-pack after awhile. She would ask for ba-pa.Dirty and tired, but very happy!