I'm Alive!!

So has it really been Austin's b-day in January that I posted last??? WOW! Where does the time go? We are still around and busy as ever! Before having children I always could not wait (while working full time) to "just be a mom" and sit around all day. HA!! Maybe that's why I got two of the busiest kids around?? As I am typing this Sienna is screaming and throwing a fit on the floor and Austin is throwing Halloween decorations all over the floor. The JOYS of motherhood!! So I hope to get started back up in blogging so I have something to remember when I'm old!

Here's a recap. We moved into a much nicer, larger house in July and LOVE IT!! We have a garage and a big backyard. Doesn't sound like much for some, but from where we came we are in HEAVEN!! The house really is gorgeous though and we hope to be here a LONG time!

We went to the beach in August (my favorite thing ever!) for almost a week and loved every minute of it. We also made a couple trips up to Utah to play with grandma and grandpa but we really just stayed home, died of a heat stroke, and went swimming ALL THE TIME!!

And now Sienna is in her second year of Joyschool with all her friends from our old ward. She also just started dance at Bunker Dance and thinks it is the best thing in the world. Every day we hear "what do I have today MOm?" If she's not at school or dance she is off with grandma when she is here, or at a friends. I think I may have just recreated myself.

Austin is such a boy. Almost 3 years old. It kind of makes me want to cry! He is OBSESSED with his cowboy boots. Wears them everyday, rain or shine. (And let's be honest, there is no rain around here!) So here it is 100 degrees and he is in shorts and his boots and don't even try to fight him on it. He LOVES motorcycles, football, soccer, and horses. It is so funny how boys are just born that way!!

I stay busy carpooling Sienna all around (I can only imagine when I have more kids and activites) and try to spend time as a family and hang out with my girl friends when I can! Life is good though and I feel very blessed with all that I have. Hopefully I can keep up to date!

Until then.. some random pics of the kids and a pic from the beach because it is the only one I have of all of us anytime recently and we look all grungy too!!

BY the way- my kids NEVER stop fighting and it is really annoying!! And play-doh is a great entertainer but such a mess!! I think I forgot how to post too! Night!