Last trip of the summer...Washington!

I LOVE going to visit the Seattle area and my family up there. Here are a ton of pictures to document the fun time we had! We finally got to visit "Hickman Park". It is in Woodway, WA the little town my grandparents live in, and is named after my Papa Bob. It was a really cool park. We ate fish and chips for dinner there and the kids had a blast playing.
Kelsey loved the slide there...she was so brave!
Here are Mollie (my cousin), Mary, Brynn, and Lucy playing on the fun equipment.
Now up to the lake! Colin and Lucy playing on the playground there.
Baby Mason's first trip to the lake!
Everyone has a blast jumping off the high dock. Here are Brynn and Uncle Corey.
Even Kacy did it! The Lake was actually "warm" this year and Kacy got in a couple times.
Lucy didn't get in very much, swimming isn't her thing yet, but she sure loved running around in her swimsuit.
Mary being silly!
And Brynn leaping!
This is Mary and Mollie tubing. They had a blast both tubing and doing everything else together! They are two little peas in a pod!
Papa Jon, Corey and Colin had fun tubing as well!
Here are Lucy and my little cousin Max, they got to be great little friends!

Everyone loves the hot tub!
Isn't this place beautiful!?!
Grandma and Papa taking the girls out for a jetski ride. This was one of the things Lucy would actuallly do!
Mary loved wakeboarding, she did it almost everyday. Brynn tried it this year too, and did a great job (those pictures are on a different camera dang it!)
The two who stared it all! Grandma Lucy and Papa Bob celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and every member of the family (except my cousin Grahm who is on a mission) was there to celebrate with them. We crammed a lot of us into the lake house (which they bought 23 years ago), and had a great time doing it! Thank you Grandma and Papa for your wonderful legacy, and a wonderful place to be together!
Here is the whole Hickman Clan!