Brynn gets Baptized!

New Years Day! What a wonderful to spend the New Year, watching sweet little Brynn be baptized. She was so excited for this day, and other than her mom being five minutes late, I think it turned out to be a great day. In fact going to bed that night, she said she was hoping the day had been a dream so that she could do it again. She was baptized with a very sweet boy named Mark Seamons. She had a lot of family there to support her including Uncle Corey and Aunt Jess from St. George. She asked Aunt Katie to give the talk on Baptisim, and it was a wonderful talk geared perfectly towards the kids getting baptized. Afterwards everyone came to our house for a brunch. It was VERY 9 degrees that morning, but it was a really nice day! Brynn and her Daddy!
Our family.
The whole gang of people who came to show Brynn their love and support!

Brynn and Mark
Aunt Flur telling Brynn the "comforter" story and giving her the Baptisim blanket.

Brynn wrapped up in the "comforter".