My Babies Are Growing Up...

*picture done by my friend May. just a random moment she caught of my kiddies.
"I'll like you for always, i'll love you forever, as long as I'm living my babies you'll be"
My babies are growing up on me. Austin will be THREE on Saturday and Sienna, 3 weeks after that, will be FIVE!! NOOOOO!! It honestly makes me tear up a little bit. I love the ages they are at. Granted, there are plenty of fights, fits, and whining that happens around here. I still love them with all my heart and think they are at SUCH a fun age. I can take them pretty much anywhere and not want to pull my hair out! I just wanted to take a moment and cry. =) I know they are still little but I still can't believe how fast the time has gone. I cherish every second that is a happy, fun moment with them and hope I can be close with them forever and hope they don't cause me TOO much grief as they grow!

*As I'm typing this Sienna is blowing in a straw making it whistle in my face and laughing like it is the funniest thing she has heard...i tell ya I was sent this little angel to teach me patience....everyday is such a joy with her!! haha!