Three Years Old!

Austin turned 3 last weekend! I honestly wanted to cry, but we had a fun day! The night before his birthday we took him to Target and told him to pick out whatever toy he wanted. He chose a big Buzz Lightyear! (surprise, surprise..haha!) He has Woody and he LOVES it so we added Buzz to the collection. On his actual birthday this is what we did:

Morning: He requested his favorite. Chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk. Took 2 bites as usual. (this kid DOES NOT eat EVER!)

Grandma & Grandpa came over to give him his new Toy Story bike from both grandparents!

(Sidenote: I tried talking A into getting a bike put together at Wal-Mart. NO- he wanted Toy Story. (how did he even know they had them?) SO I had to call 6 different stores until I found the very last one in stock at Toys R Us. Good thing my hubby is handy and can put anything together in 10 minutes with his busy schedule...)

Lunch: Cafe Rio with his grandma and grandpa

Then we headed to St. George so he could have a party with his cousin on Aaron's side. They're 8 hours apart. Austin wanted a spiderman party. Statlen wanted a Buzz & Woody party. SO we had both. We had pizza and cake at a park with almost all the cousins and Granny & Papa Bruce! A fun time was had by all! Saturday birthdays are the best!
Austin LOVES his bike and is always begging to go outside and ride it. Good thing it has been in the 60's for a couple weeks now so we can go to the park and ride outside everyday!

I love Vegas the months of October to about April!! Can't beat it!
Happy Birthday to my little man! Time- please slow down...please!