Disney On Ice

For the 2nd year in row, Sienna and I went to Disney On Ice. She has been asking about going for months and so off we went! We had dinner at Outback at her request. Nothing like some Mac' A Roo N' Cheese! Then off we went to the show. She loved the princesses and asked me if they were going back home to their castle. Precious- the innocence of a child! It was fun and it is always nice to have some one on one time with her.

We definitely could use some sun- that's for sure! We look WAY too white!

At dinner time....

The wonderful princesses!!

And this picture is just too funny to not post! These two were cuddling on the couch (WHICH IS A RARE THING) and I thought I better get a pic before hair was being pulled, slapping, pinching- you get the idea. Sibling Love!